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Monday, May 06, 2013

Jean in Amarillo

Steve Cole reports:

Whenever I finish a product I insist on finishing the FLAP list of items to close the product before moving on. I really need a FLAP list for Jean. We need her to go to work right away, but before that, we had to unload her stuff, get her apartment set up, get her utilities turned on, get the construction of her office finished, and help her find her way around a new city.

What will Jean do? Well, she's marketing director, head of RPGs, "WebMom," social media maven, and the proofreader. She's also another top-notch worker who can handle an endless variety of special projects. She will keep track of the schedule and the "balls in the air" list.

It's easy to think of Jean as the solution to every problem. She cannot fix everything but things should improve. Fewer things will get forgotten or left not done. She's a winning lottery ticket, but even those have limits and can be abused, and lots of lottery winners go bankrupt.

Just don't assume that she will do everything immediately.