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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Federation Master Starship Book

Steven Petrick writes:

The Federation file of the Master Starship Book is nearing completion. All of the ship descriptions (excluding those from the Early Years and Advanced Technology eras) have been strung end to end and in order.

All known ship names have been included after each ship description, all known errata has been included, and the fighter and escort tables have been incorporated with each carrier. 

Tweaks have been added, i.e., every scout (ship with special sensors) notes that it is a scout, and the exceptions (currently only the Police Flagship and survey cruisers) from any scout rules have been noted.

Refit lines have been included, and that means that the Federation BCF (among the other Federation ships armed with plasma-F torpedoes) has a refit line (sabot refit and carronade refit). (Other Federation battlecruisers do not have refit lines, of course, as no standard refit currently applies to them except the advanced shuttle refit, and that is at no cost.)

The commando ships all include a note that their landing force is in fact included in their BPV (except in the case of the Star Liner Pod and the new use of the VIP transport frigate where the troops add to the unit’s BPV).

Ships able to use large numbers of type-III drones are noted.

SVC is working on graphics so that each ship will have its appropriate picture following its ship description.

A decision was taken that all ships (except “Anarchist” ships) that had been published in Captain’s Log to date will be included, and they have been, again in rule number order. This of course excludes ships that appeared in an issue of Captain’s Log and were later formally published. This also included the various fighters (such as the F-104 and F-101) and bombers (such as the B-36 and B-47) that appeared in Captain’s Log.

In addition to a more standardized layout for the ship descriptions, there were some minor edits to fix problems that have shown up over time. The ship description for the Federation Dreadnought (R2.2) now notes that it was in effect the Federation “Early Dreadnought.”