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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Work Proceeds Apace

This is Steven Petrick posting by way of Jean Sexton.

I have finished the draft for the monster article for Captain's Log #47. This one was hard to do because there were so many interruptions. I would finally be "in the zone" and have to get up to check orders, or make the run to the post office. By the time I would get back, I literally could not figure out where I was, and reading my previous text often did not clue me in to what I was thinking. Worst, I would have to review the scenario the monster appears in to recall what its capabilities were.

Today, however, I finally (despite once again being pulled away to check orders and go to the post office) got to the end.

During this troubling period I also hit on an SSD concept for Captain's Log #47, and ran it  by SVC who has approved it. With the monster article in final draft (it might change as a result of my reading it again later and thinking of something I have missed or something I want to expound on a little more) I decided to get a head start on these new SSDs.

So I spent time this afternoon getting set up to do that, and working on the first one.

I almost had it finished, I was literally working on the Crawford table as the last item I needed to do, when I had to get up and go back to my own office to get the year in service date for the ship (it has to appear at the same time as another ship and so is tied to that ship's year in service). As I got up, I hit something on the computer, and the SSD was destroyed. Literally. It is completely gone and my efforts to recover it were all for not. I do not know what it was I hit (Mike's keyboard is older that my keyboard and does not work quite the same way), but it is gone. And I thought my anguish was expressed in a low tone, but SVC who often cannot hear my speak normally and asks me to speak up heard through the wall between Mike's office and his.

At this juncture I am putting the set of SSDs off until tomorrow, and will try to get them all done then.

But it seems like I am running into one frustrating computer problem or timing problem after another.