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Saturday, March 02, 2013


This is Steven Petrick posting via Jean Sexton reposting:

Sad to say, but Captain's Log #47 has a publication date and a lot of problems meeting that publication date.

This is mostly due to a dearth of articles from our customers.

While the destruction of my hard drive did not cost us the existing files for most of the tactics sections (the "Assault Notes" file being the exception), we have received almost no new Term Papers, Tactical Notes, Command Notes, Conquest Notes, Call Out Notes, or Assault Notes since those topics were purged for Captain's Log #46. We really do need you, the players, to submit more papers to those topics and soon.

SVC has noted that I am to write an example article, but no one here seems to know what I am supposed to do an example of. Please note that I do SFB examples, and if someone needs an example in one of the other venues, someone else will need to do it. But in any case, if there is something in SFB that needs an example, can someone make a request for it? And please bear in mind that the requested example needs to be relatively specific. While a request for how to attack a planet with a fleet has been made, there are so many moving parts and variables in such a case that it would pretty much require an entire Captain's Log (all 144 pages) to do such an example. You might look at the PF flotilla versus a Moray Eel example and remember that there were just eight (including the Eel and the PFL's shuttle) moving parts in that example with no tactical options for the Eel at all. The more moving parts, the more complex the example, the more impossible it becomes to write a concise one. There has been a request to do an example of loading fighters, but the requester never got it down to what fighters in what bay. Again, there are too many variables to do all fighters (drone-armed, disuptor-armed, plasma-armed, fusion-armed, hellbore-armed, etc.) not to mention size-1 or size-2 fighters, or if they are on a ground base or a ship, or if they are moving to an escort or . . .  it gets really complex. I need to know just what precisely the example needs to cover for what empire.

We could use some new tactical primer for empires that have never been showcased, and for now it appears that any primers sent in previously that have not been published have been lost with the destruction of my hard drive (there are no unused primers in the recovered CL#46 folder).

If you previously submitted a scenario that was not rejected or has not been published, you may need to resubmit it. The processed Scenario file was one of the files lost in the crash. (It was also not in the recovered CL#46 Folder). So not only do I need old scenarios re-submitted, I also need new scenarios for Captain's Log #47.

All of these things are needed, and more, to get Captain's Log #47 ready for publication, and all will take time to do in a period when other things are already scheduled to interrupt planned work (yes, I know that sounds confusing, we have things we need to get done, and other things that are not connected to getting those things done that also have to be done, i.e., scheduled interruptions).

Help us make Captain's Log #47 a good and timely project by doing your bit. Get your tactics in, write primers and submit them, craft scenarios and send them in for publication.