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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Loss At A Good Time

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The company suffered another loss today. We knew it was coming, but as is usual in such situations we hoped we would have more time.

Sadly, when I came into the office yesterday, I did not even note the passing.

It was Leanna who noticed it.

The office was cold.

Of course, it had been colder outside, and fortunately we had not suffered this loss before the big blizzard and freeze that happened just last week.

The loss?

The office heating system,  having done yeoman service for us and prior owners for nearly two decades has given up the ghost.

The loss is at a good time in that things are warming up compared to previous, and the office is livable (particularly for me . . . as noted I did not even notice the heater was not running and I had been in the office almost two hours before Leanna showed up that day). And as noted we knew were living on borrowed time with the system.

And while it is an expense to replace it, at least we as a whole have the funds to do so. It is just a matter now of figuring out what we want in a new (and more energy efficient) system and whether the air conditioning will be replaced at the same time, and when these will happen. (The inevitable interruptions as the tradesmen go about their craft.)

It could, however, have happened at  a worse time, like during the big freeze or when all of  the craftsmen were fully employed repairing other systems damaged by the recent freeze.

So while we have a new expense, on the bright side it is again something we can survive.