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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comments on Terra Nova

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

I have been watching Terra Nova, and the logistics is still really out of sync.

I cannot imagine setting up this colony and including so many people that people are sitting around unemployed. The teenagers seem to neither have to get educations, or do any work, but are apparently being supported by the colony as they otherwise entertain themselves. There is clearly work that needs to be done (while our Hero was put to work clearing a stretch of wall of vegetation, we have since seen other stretches of wall in need of similar attention). Not to mention construction, farming and simply other maintenance work.

I also cannot figure out the troop commitment to this operation. Every time something happens when there is not an actual alert (like Commander Taylor infiltrating into the colony while affected by the virus) there seem to be troops everywhere. (The towers were manned, and there were roving, if single man, patrols such that Taylor had to take out one of the guards to complete his infiltration.) I look at the size of the perimeter and the manpower to maintain that kind of a security density is . . . impressive. Just how many security troops are there that this kind of presence is being maintained on the perimeter apparently 24/7?

There are lots of predators out there (in addition to "the sixers"), but apparently it is not unusual to send out individuals to check instruments and otherwise do things "beyond the fence."

Yes, I know, the carnivores only attack and the sixers only kidnap people "at the needs of the plot."

There is also the oddity that the sixers included children in their number, and took them into the woods when they fled Terra Nova.