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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Steve Cole muses: Just thinking to himself.

1. I was slightly saddened that RUBICON was cancelled by AMC, but I can tell them why the show failed to keep the audience it started with. It was simply too hard to figure out the basics of what was going on. I don't mean the big conspiracy of the fourth branch of government (that did and should have taken the whole arc to play out). I mean the most basic things about what the American Policy Institute was, why it existed, who funded it, and what it did. That should have all been explained in the first episode. Leaving the audience scratching their head about the secret conspiracy was ok, but leaving the audience in the dark about the most basic background was dumb. Imagine a television series about ADB, Inc. in which the audience isn't told that we manufacture Star Trek games until episode five. Do you think we'd have kept the audience that long if they didn't know what ADB was doing? (Would we have them that long if they did?)

2. The average person dreams about four times per night. Dreams get longer as the night goes on. The first dream averages eight minutes; the fourth dream over 30 minutes.

3. According to Bucky Kat, wild Muppets in Khazhakstan have wiped out the alligator population.

4. I'd vote for Al Gore for President if he'd eliminate spam.

5. Bill O'Reilly is allergic to onions, just like Steven Petrick and myself. I knew great minds think alike, but apparently great stomachs do as well.

6. I was sitting in the car while Leanna was in a store, and saw something happened out of the corner of my eye. My hand reflexively tried to click the "Tivo back button" to see what it was. Somehow, this did not work.

7. The US government has done absolutely nothing to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

8. You know what I want? I want a "combat television game" where I can stand in my den and "go on patrol" in jungle, desert, mountains, or a city, and face numerous shoot/no-shoot situations. I wonder if Wii has that? Jean says it does. Maybe I will investigating buying a Wii, but Jean says it won't count as my daily 30-minute walk.

9. When I was in high school: nobody knew what a cell phone was (everybody had a quarter in their pocket for an emergency call from a pay phone), the girls all wore skirts, and everybody ate in the cafeteria despite it being pretty darn awful.

10. I'd love to go eat at Hell's Kitchen, but I cannot (or won't) eat most of what they cook, and they don't seem to have any system to account for "leave this out of my food".