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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Steve Cole muses: Just thinking to himself.

1. Think about how you spent the last ten days. That's pretty much how you're going to spend your life. If that's not ok with you, do something about it.

2. Every truth started as a radical theory rejected by mainstream thought, but only one radical theory in a thousand becomes a truth.

3. I just love a good press conference. Turns out that the Federal pay freeze is a scam. It doesn't apply to annual (step) increases and to grade increases (promoted to a higher pay scale while staying in the same job). It only applies to cost of living raises, which were already calculated to be zero this year. Net result, it's all a scam.

4. It's clever how things are marketed. The New START arms control treaty is marketed for its verification measures, but: we don't really need to verify what Russia has (they cannot afford to build enough new stuff to matter), nobody wants to talk about the real issue (the treat limits the US ability to deploy defensive weapons), and it doesn't solve the real nuclear weapons problem (Iran). The "equal pay for women" act that Republicans blocked actually does nothing of the kind; it just adds more bureaucrats to solve a non-problem. (Women in equal jobs are, 98% of the time, paid equal amounts. The supposed "pay gap" averages men in higher, male-dominated levels with men and women in balanced lower levels. I'd love to have my pay equalized with Bill Gates.)

5. If Assange and Wikileaks were serious, they'd release the UFO alien technology files dating back to Roswell. I mean, really, given the amount and kind of stuff that's leaking, is there any doubt that (if those files exist) Assange has them already?

6. I was watching a television movie the other day and two of the characters were given a surprise project to create a wedding cake on short order when the stores were closed. (A playful dog had destroyed the cake. The grandfather and granddaughter succeeded by gluing cookies baked the day before together with frosting.) A better solution would have been to send the cute 13-year-old girl to knock on the neighbor's doors and beg for any boxes of cake mix in the various pantries. Surely the girl could have found three or four boxes of cake mix that could have been used (one box per layer) to make an emergency wedding cake?

7. Here is a nightmare for you. A terrorist with a suicide bomb gets in line at an airport, and the security guards detect "something fishy" at which point he detonates the bomb. Sure, he doesn't bring down an airliner, but he does kill dozens of people, and shuts down the airport. In fact, such an attack would shut down every airport until somebody figured out a way to stop it, a way that doesn't involve a whole bunch of un-screened passengers being in one place.

8. A little truth here. The tax cuts don't cost the treasury anything, as they will result in more tax revenue.

9. A little point of economics. If you fire an American and hire a foreigner, you're strangling the American market for all products and creating a stronger product (mostly for cheaper foreign stuff) overseas.

10. While minimum wage laws are great because they provide more money to the lowest workers, they also have the effect of freezing a lot of teenagers out of the job market as they aren't worth the relatively high minimum wage. The secret to minimum wages is that they're a creation of labor unions to make sure that skilled union workers (easily worth two or three unskilled teenagers) get higher pay.