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Monday, December 27, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc.,19-25 December 2010

Steve Cole reports:

This was the week of Christmas, and the design staff mostly used it to clean up the debris of a busy year while the production staff continued shipping huge orders. The weather this week was cloudy. The first half of the week was relatively mild (reaching 70F sometimes) while the last few days were very cold. The spam storm varied from 657 on Sunday to 1179 on Thursday.

New uploads to e23 included the biggest upload ever (the electronic Master Rulebook).

Steve Cole worked on desktop clutter and updating the Wall of Honor. Steven Petrick worked on CL#43, C3A, and the update for the Basic Set.

Leanna, Mike, and Joel worked all week on getting the huge mail orders out the door. Jean spent the week packing and left for Amarillo on Thursday night, arriving Saturday morning. Steve Cole and Steven Petrick enjoyed a Christmas dinner prepared by Leanna Cole and Jean Sexton.