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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Captain's Log #42

This is Steven Petrick posting.

With the furor of Module Y3, and the follow-on of Module YG3, being past, the time has come to concentrate on Captain's Log #42. We are starting somewhat behind the curve as few new Command Notes (for Federation Commander), Tac Notes (for Federation & Empire) or Term Paper (for Star Fleet Battles) have been submitted in the interim, and the stocks of available papers are very depleted. I can wait another week or two for new ones to turn up for the grading pool, but I am going to have to send what few I have out for grading pretty soon to allow the graders to do their jobs.

We have the cover done, and a few ideas for things to fill the issue. Most of which will take a great deal of effort to accomplish along with just keeping the company running and keep you, our customers, happy with us.

As usual, we are not going to skimp on the effort. We intend this issue, as we intend every issue, to be something we are proud of, and we intend for it to be released on schedule.