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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Module YG3 Came From

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

In working on Module Y3 I found it convenient to create a combined Early Years Annexes file. This was little more than all of the annexes from Module Y1 and Module Y2 integrated into one document to which I added the new items from Module Y3. As noted, this was for my own convenience and was not intended to be a product that would be released for sale.

Having created, when Module Y3 was done I went ahead and showed it to SVC, who thought it might be something people would be interested in. This changed things.

As noted, I created the file for my convenience with no thought about anyone else using it. Now that it is going to be released, it needed polishing. While I am happy with the layout of the Master Ship Charts, for my use they were all done as one large file back to back. For ease of use, they had to be broken into empire specific chunks (not that hard to do, all the needed breaks were there, but each empire was at the foot of the empire before it). While all the annexes were there, they were not necessarily in order.I had simply taced the MSCs and MFC onto the end of the file rather than trying to integrate them. There was also the question of what other useful information might be added (to try to stick in as much value as possible).

Module YG3 is now laid out basically in the format of Module G3, and includes some material (all applicable to the Early Years) from Module G3A. To make it better serve the Early Years period, a review of the material was undertaken to further eliminate anything not directly apropos to the Early Years in the Alpha Octant.

I hope that it will prove of value to players of the Early Years period, and will at least make it easier to assemble battle forces in that period because all of the ships through Module Y3 are listed in distinct sections rather than being lumped together for each empire.