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Monday, August 02, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 25-31 July 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather this week was warm (80s in the morning 90s and sometimes 100s in the afternoon) and clear. The Spam Storm stayed fairly calm, less than 500 per day.

The week always starts with Jean's memo about what we're doing for blogs this week. Between the canned blogs, the Friday Funnies, and the "this week" blog, we usually have to create one or two new ones.

Steve Cole and Joel Shutts spent a lot of time this week producing the new Walls of the Honored on the website, which is 80 pages of individual and group medals, awards, campaign ribbons, and so forth. That project should go live tomorrow.

Steve Cole worked this week on the Battlestations contract, the Apple Store contract, tracking down the BCH cards, Star Fleet Marines, the Walls of the Honored, PD Federation, quality control checks on 1400 map panels, and other projects. Steve has actually been feeling much better (despite his mysteriously low blood pressure) and did several hours of heavy manual labor in the yard and garden.

Customer Request Wednesday went well: Will McCammon was given missing ribbons. Matthew Lawson did a demo. Somebody asked us to sell the Frax stuff from Captain's Log on e23 and I mused that it might make a twelve-ship product including high-resolution cards and the Frax rules. The Frax BB ship card got done.

Steven Petrick continued working on Module Y3, and now has 66 of the SSDs finished.

Leanna began the PDF sales project by sending the CL#41 Supplemental File to e23.

Mike Sparks finished checking in the huge shipments of minis needed for Border Box #10 and to hold us until Bruce finishes his six-week bicycle pilgrimage.