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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Design Perspective on Module Y3

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

One of the differences in doing Module Y3 from a lot of other modules is that some of the ships are based on miniatures from another game system. This allows those players who are interested in miniatures for their battles to acquire them without waiting for us to produce them.

This, however, creates a challenge in that rather than an SSD being created and then a miniature commissioned, the reverse is the case.

So while the SSD will, ultimately, be the usual assemblage of tables and boxes, the outline for the ship must be created from scratch and configured to contain the system boxes in the right combination to produce an interesting combat unit.

This applies to each of the member states of the Inter-Stellar Concordium, each of which is gaining a warp-driven dreadnought in this product.

Further, what is done with these ships needs to take into account what has gone before. A Korlivalar warp-driven dreadnought has to be balanced to face off with not just a Prohoulite warp-driven dreadnought (or a Q'Naabian task force), but also to take part in conjectural clashes with a Terran warp-refitted dreadnought or a squadron of Lyran warp-refitted ships.