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Monday, August 09, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 1-7 August 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather this week was hot (80s in the morning 90s and sometimes 100s in the afternoon) but rain on Thursday and Friday cooled things off somewhat. The Spam Storm stayed fairly calm, less than 500 per day.

Steve Cole and Joel Shutts finished the Wall of Honor project and started making the first of many updates and corrections. Steve Cole, Joel, and Steven Petrick played the first playtest round of the new Star Fleet Rescue game and sent it to a playtester for preliminary review. Joel's mother, in town for a few days, visited the office on Tuesday. Steve Cole sent the draft of Communique #56 out to the staff. Most of Customer Service Wednesday was spent on the Wall of Honor, but SVC did do the Frax counters that had been requested. SVC finished reviewing the Apple Store Contract, which is ridiculously tedious and complex and will require us to do a new contract with game developers. He finally got to do serious work on PD Federation, but immediately ran into a list of "final files" which Jean has finished but hasn't sent yet. Jean is sending those now. For various reasons (none of which are Jean's fault) this product will probably slide a week or two from it's original release date.

Jean Sexton, taking seriously her new responsibilities as Director of Marketing, got a Facebook button put on the front page of the website, hounded Steve Cole to write more blogs, started a player contact area on Facebook, opened new player contact topics on the BBS, and managed to force a press release out of Steve Cole. A webstore that ripped off our shopping cart photos agreed to stop selling at a discount if they could keep using the photos. Mike Sparks convince Steve Cole to sit down and do two more videos; Jean demanded that the tablecloth be pulled tighter to eliminate wrinkles.

The project to put more stuff on e23 pushed forward. With all of the Captain's Log Supplemental Files on the site, the process to select and prepare other documents is proceeding. Leanna got the Romulan Armada files uploaded, but the ship cards won't appear on the list until next week. Steve Cole sat down on Tuesday with Steven Petrick to figure out how to divide the Briefing #2 files into six packs of twelve ships each, and prepared the necessary cover pages for them, and Leanna expects to upload them next week. Steve Cole finished the catalog pages which will be added to every e23 product.

Dale McKee began the final proofread of the Federation Admiral draft, to see if it has unanswered questions before Steve Cole starts formatting it.

Steven Petrick reports that 79 SSDs are finished for Y3.