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Monday, August 16, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 8-14 August 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather this week was hot (80s in the morning, 90s and sometimes 100s in the afternoon) but clouds on Friday cooled things off somewhat. The Spam Storm stayed fairly calm, less than 400 per day.

Steve Cole worked the whole week on PD Federation, finishing the page layout on Thursday and moving into the reports-and-fixes phase and ordering art from artists. On Tuesday, he and Joel got the newsletters sent out. On Wednesday, he did some Wall of Honor updates and had Joel post a JPG version of the rank insignia. He processed the reports on Star Fleet Rescue and got a new draft of the rules sent to the veteran playtesters. He also cleaned 50 old posts out of one of his BBS topics, and (with Jean's help) got a few of his medals added to his PHP sig file. He and Jean discussed PDF marketing plans.

Steven Petrick completed the 100th and last SSD for SFB Module Y3 and moved into completing the ship descriptions. He took a day off from that project to get CL#18 reformatted and back into print.

Leanna continued dealing with heavy orders, but got CL#18 reprinted, and got the Romulan ships for Starmada on e23. She completed the first of the FC ship card packs from Briefing #2 in the format needed by e23.

Mike Sparks got the orders out, and checked in the huge restock of miniatures. Joel helped him on restocking the inventory and kept the website updated.

Jean did the final bits of PD Federation and continued her new marketing duties. She reports that our page on Facebook is up to 433 friends.