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Monday, May 17, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 9-15 May 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was decent all week, mostly in the 60s. It was cooler and raining on Friday and Saturday. In this part of the country, rain is rare and much appreciated.

Spam was about 4000 on Monday, dropping to 500 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1000 on Thursday, 1700 on Friday, and back over 2000 on Saturday.

My (SVC's) week was hectic, trying to get the countersheets finished, which in some cases meant doing a lot of design work on the product itself. I got the Basic Set sheet converted to the new format, and did the half-inch sheet for FC War & Peace. I started work on Communique #54. (I stayed home Sunday to spend time with Leanna, probably the last Sunday at home until after Origins.) I got some bad news on Monday; the doctor says the hearing loss in my right ear is permanent, but that a hearing aid will work. I had dinner with Chaplain Denton, who cheered me up. I did the first few sessions on the exercise bike in months.

Petrick spent the week working on CL#41 and R12. He is picking a replacement for the retired SFB Q&A guy.

Petrick was in a minor traffic accident Tuesday when some moron pulled out in front of him without looking; no one was hurt, but the other guy's insurance company is being a pain in paying off the claim.

Leanna worked on accounting and orders, and helped me with some graphics for the countersheets.

Jean defeated a spambot attack on the BBS that started Sunday and ran for a couple of days. Jean has finished primary work on PD Federation and is working on some other projects. She went to visit her father, who is recovering nicely from surgery.

Joel reorganized the Demotivation Page, putting the posters in alphabetical order and fixing some typos in them.

The staff meeting on Saturday rescheduled CL#41 to May 31st due to workload on countersheets.

We had the annual visit of the insurance inspector, who gave us approval for fire safety.

We got the new bookbinding machine (codename: Castle) on Tuesday. It should be twice as fast as the old machine (codename: Gibbs), and is very automated (so that someone who knows how to use it but hasn't done it in months can do books with just as high a quality as someone who does it every day). The problem is, the truckline dropped it somewhere en route, and it doesn't work, so it had to be shipped back and replaced, which cost the truckline over $3000. It pays to pay attention, guys.

We received the Fed OCA miniature from Will McCammon and are just waiting on Igneous.