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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Steve Cole muses:

Just thinking to himself.

1. Obama's insane idea to end threats of US nuclear response to chemical and biological attacks is bad enough (since it will encourage the proliferation of such weapons), but worse is his crazy idea to end US promises to use nuclear weapons against a massive conventional invasion of an allied nation. This is telling those allies to buy their own nukes and ending 40 years of one of the few things that all Democrat and Republican presidents agreed on.

2. The HUMAN TARGET episode about the British royal family was crazy. For one thing, a female heir is never given the title Princess of Wales (females are the heir presumptive, not the heir apparent). (The eldest daughter is customarily, but not automatically, made the Princess Royal as Anne was designated. Elizabeth was made the Princess Royal as her aunt held the title until 1965.) In any country except England, the heir-prince is simply known as the Crown Prince, but England gives the Crown Prince the title Prince of Wales for historical reasons.

3. The theory that Justice Stevens stayed the same and the Supreme Court moved right is just silly. Look at his voting record, which steadily moved farther and farther left over the years. He originally said only blacks got minority preferences (due to slavery) but later said all minorities did. He also voted against anything even remotely religious, putting the lie to the notion that he was the only Protestant on the Court (unless being an atheist is being a Protestant).

4. I wonder, after one season of Undercover Boss, will every location of every corporation have a photograph of the CEO in a coffee break room?

5. So, we're now considering a VAT sales tax again, despite opposition by 77% of Americans. Hasn't anybody checked to see what happened in Europe when they added VAT to income taxes? The governments got LESS revenue, not more, because the economy was depressed by the extra taxes! Can Liberals never grasp the dynamic model? That adding taxes lowers revenue? Yeah, we gotta pay the debt, but you pay debt with tax revenue, not tax rates.

6. If you put down less than 20% on your mortgage, then you're paying PMI, an insurance premium for Private Mortgage Insurance. Once you reduce the principle (by monthly payments and your down payment) to the point that the amount still owed is less 80%, you can have this removed and save a few bucks a month. The mortgage company probably won't point this out. A better idea is to check your statement, figure out how much money it takes to reach this point, and pay it in one lump sum and get that PMI removed. While you are at it, notice on your mortgage statement that the amount of principle in your first year or two of payments is peanuts. Kick in an extra hundred bucks a month and take YEARS off the back end of your mortgage.

7. FLASH FORWARD has gotten around to giving us the science behind the history years faster than LOST did. Thanks for that.

8. Dave Ramsey recently said that a married woman did not need a separate savings account in her name only. (A single woman had asked about this because her stepfather was abusive to her mother, who was trapped in the marriage because the stepfather controlled the money.) Dave said, as he so often does, that "now you are one" means you have to totally trust your spouse. Just personally, I think if a woman wants to have a couple of thousand bucks in a separate account just so she feels better, she should be allowed to have this. If for no other reason, joint bank accounts may be frozen upon the death of her husband, and she'd need a couple of thousand bucks for groceries and household expenses until the lawyers straighten it out. Now many how nice a husband is, if a wife wants to have a couple of thousand bucks of "get out of this marriage" money in her name just so she feels safe, let her!

9. I support Arizona's new law, dealing with the illegal immigration problem that the Federal government ignores. Frankly, I don't have that much trouble with police stopping anybody, all the time, to ask for ID (since I'm legal and don't commit crimes), but I can understand that getting stopped two or three times a day every day could be annoying. Even so, it seems obviously to me that the opposition to racial profiling is just a smokescreen for destroying the US by allowing lots of immigrants who do not share American values to become part of the melting pot. That said, I think this is an issue that's a loser for the Republicans.

10. I read a fascinating article the other day proving that, in Star Wars, the empire is the good guys and the rebels are the bad guys. It's called THE CASE FOR EMPIRE if you want to Google it. The general idea is that the Republic was too large to govern and the Senate was more interested in splitting up the loot than the common good. The Jedis are in fact a hereditary warrior elite dedicated to keeping the corrupt Senate in power (so the corrupt Senate can spread some money in the direction of the Jedi).