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Monday, May 10, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 2-8 May 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was decent all week with pleasantly cool spring days. The daily spam bombardment of my email continued, averaging over 3000 per day that got through the filters and server firewall. On Tuesday, most of it was stock market stuff, but the rest of the week, it was mostly Viagra ads as always.

The BBS glitched again, as it does every year or two, and randomly deleted 600 users. The Discus people know that this happens, but have never been able to find out why it does, or how to stop it.

My own week (Steve Cole) was dominated by the SFB Module R12 ship selections. These have to be done NOW so that the counters can go to press in time for the Origins Game Fair. I went through hundreds of proposals and worked with Petrick to narrow the list to just over 100. I spoke with sculptors who are racing to get ships into the master mold we will make in June. I did manage to finish Communique #53 and the May Hailing Frequencies. I made a little progress on CL#41, but mostly, doing the R12 counters is keeping me from working on this. GAMA confirmed our booth location for Origins, our participation in the retailer thing, and our exclusivity. I did about 1/3 of the posted updates for the Gazetteer (the rest will have to wait until after Origins). I did two reserve blogs for Jean. I did a round of target shooting for the first time in weeks, scoring a 99. I remain deaf in my right ear due to wax, but Leanna made an appointment for a surgeon to remove it. I had my annual eye exam (where they check the insides for diabetic damage) and my eyes were pronounced clear and healthy.

Leanna and Mike stayed busy doing orders all week. They shipped the entire print run of Dread Pirate Aldo to the distribution point on Monday.

Joel kept updating the website and the war on copyright pirates. He did another Demotivation poster and the one-inch counters for War & Peace. He uploaded Communique and sent Hailing Frequencies on Saturday, two days early.

Jean says she will have PD20M FEDERATION ready to print in July and will be ready to send GURPS FEDERATION to Steve Jackson at the same time.

We got revised TK5 and LTT masters from Bruce and all issues have been corrected. We will now schedule these as Origins releases.

Monday was Isis's birthday, and she had shrimp. Ramses had shrimp and bunny rabbit.

Tuesday was the annual company picnic. For those who don't know, this is a local trade show (Business Connection) which is bigger than Origins and Gencon combined. Hundreds of businesses in booths giving away keychains, food, water, flashlights, office supplies, knickknacks, pens, and so forth.