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Friday, April 23, 2010


Steve Cole admits:

Yes, I used to write poetry, lots of it. I won a contest back in High School and had a poem published in a book of poems by high school students from all over the country. The poem went like this:

The Universe felt the reverberation.
The black box fell; 'twas man's decision.
To end himself; God's greatest vision.
No heavens slept, for none existed.


It didn't really have a hidden or secret meaning and I'm not really sure why no heavens existed or why they would have been asleep if they had existed. It was just a weird little thing I did and submitted, guessing (correctly) that the judges who picked such things would think it was just what they wanted.

Somewhere in my house is the only copy of my longest poem, The Song of Tnnqvi, which was ten pages. I don't remember much of it, and fondly hope that before I die I can find and read that poem again. I do remember a few snatches. Basically, God made the Earth and Satan made hell, and Satah built a tunnel from Hell to Earth so he could go and make trouble. Human warrior-monks, selected by God, built a fort right smack in front of the tunnel, so that the demons would have to fight their way out. After a heroic battle, Tnnqvi (commander of the fort) decided to counter-attack, leading his troops down the tunnel into Hell itself, to kill Schmaltz (the son and half-brother of Satan) and somehow close the tunnel. By the time Tnnqvi got to the Valley of Schmaltz (riding his horse backwards because he was confused by a blow to the head), all of his men had been killed, but so had everyone in Hell except Satan and Schmaltz, so Tnnqvi killed Schmaltz and walked all the way back to Earth, closing the tunnel with his last breath. Like I said, I can remember a couple of snatches of it...


"Charge for the Schmaltz!" he said,
then he was struck in the head,
down from behind and away.


And then, then they came back.
But not all, not all of Tnnqvi.
Missing an ear and a toe,
Causing him pain and great woe,
Trailing his blood in the snow.


Anyway, that's all I remember. When I find the manuscript, I will post it. I also wrote a lot of sappy love poetry to my high school girlfriend and one love poem to the girl I married.