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Monday, April 05, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 28 March - 3 April 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was decent all week, 50s and even 60s in the mornings and reaching into the 70s by afternoon.

My own week was relatively calm. I wrote the FC rules for the Andros and got them to the playtesters. I spent way too much time updating and posting staff medal pages. I show two new product videos with Mike and he posted them on YouTube. I did a bunch of work with Jean on PD Federation. On Customer Request Wednesday, I did the Kzinti rank insignia, found reference photos of the old FC bonus cards, and posted a list of the SFBF cards. I reviewed some R12 proposals.

Petrick continued to work on R12 and CL#41. Leanna did the income taxes and continued to handle the huge number of orders. Leanna agreed to put Klingon Armada on e23 and make progress on Kindle books (which will reportedly work on the iPad). Mike Sparks was doing orders and restocking minis. Joel was hunting down copyright pirates and helping Mike get the videos edited. Jean worked on the PD FED sample characters, trying to fix the problems.

On the first Game Night of the year, Joel and I used the Genestealers to try to wipe out Steven Petrick and Mike Sparks with the Marines. We would have won if somebody had noticed that mistake we made letting Mike kill the Brood Lord. Reading the rulebook later, we claimed victory. On Thursday night, we had the party to celebrate Mike's fifth year at ADB, Inc., the success of F&E 2010, and Joel's arrival.

This week, about all that happened with the home remodel was the new kitchen cabinets were put in and stained. Progress is slow and the job that could have been finished last week is expected to be finished next week.