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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Steve Cole muses:

Just thinking to himself.

The writers of CASTLE jumped the shark, detonating a bomb in detective Kate Beckett's apartment, supposedly killing her as a cliffhanger. We all know they really aren't going to kill such a popular character, so it's just annoying.

We all know that the Palestinians tell the UN and Western Europe that they want to negotiate with Israel and tell their own people that such negotiations are only a ploy to destroy Israel. So why does the US keep trying to start negotiations? More to the point, why did Obama manufacture a crisis over the housing issue? The "insulting announcement" was in fact just a zoning board function (step four in a seven-step process that has been going on for three years two years to go) which was specifically allowed in the US-Israel agreement for Israel to suspend construction?

I stumbled onto a cable television show called METERORITE MEN about two guys who hunt for fallen meteors, selling them to collectors and donating a few to science. It's a fascinating combination of science, outdoor adventure, treasure hunting, and clowning around, and well worth a TIVO search to find and watch an episode or two. I think they did about ten episodes.

Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?

China has, with no official explanation or announcement, changed the names of its armed forces. The People's Liberation Army, People's Liberation Army Navy, and People's Liberation Army Air Force are now simply the Chinese Army, Chinese Navy, and Chinese Air Force.

I got a nice fancy brochure-booklet thing from a payday loan place. They blithely admit to charging 792% (yes, nearly eight hundred percent) interest. They actually charge 10% interest per annum, but they charge a $30 fee for every $100 every fourteen days. I guess if you're desperate this would work for you, but I think it should be illegal.

In the tribal areas of Yemen (and the less civilized parts of a lot of other Moslem countries), girls are married at the age of nine and pregnant by the age of eleven. Anyone who says this is stupid is anti-Islam.

About 90% of all Email is spam. Well over half of the food aid shipped to Somalia is stolen by warlords, who feed their troops then sell the rest (often outside of Somalia) to pay for more guns and ammunition.

Funny how Democrats describe any opposition to Obama as hate speech and continue to repeat claims (long since proven false) that Tea Party rallies have shouted racial slurs, called for the murder of Obama, or spit on a liberal congressman.