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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Steve Cole muses:

Just thinking to myself.

Could somebody adapt that system that trains use (that stop the train if the engineer falls asleep) to my Tivo? I get tired of waking up when it "gongs" at the end of the show that I slept through.

Nobody is going to convince me that the blonde Galactica chick on 24 could have gotten her fake identity approved to work at the Counter Terrorist Unit.

There is a big stink in Texas over "keeping politics out of the textbook selection process" but what never showed up in the media is that the textbook committee is actually removing liberal political propaganda from the books and returning previously deleted stuff like the US constitution and the founding fathers.

Republicans were hardly obstructionist about healthcare reform, calling again and again for tort reform and interstate sales (things the Democrats rejected as that is where their campaign contributions come from). Republicans supported the portability, non-cancelability, and preexisting conditions concepts. What Republicans tried to obstruct was the takeover of the insurance industry by a government bureaucracy with a proven track record of failure.

Can you believe that the people who promulgated the Global Warming Hoax still think they can convince people that it wasn't all a scam to change the way society works?

I can understand that Stephen gets shortened to Steve, and can sort of understand how Anthony becomes Tony and Robert becomes Bob, but why does Richard get shortened to Dick?

Did anybody notice that this year on Kitchen Nightmares uber-chef Gordon Ramsay acts more like a sad and disappointed grandfather than a raving lunatic dictator? There is a lot less screaming and cussing. I think somebody told him he'd be more lovable this way.

Did you ever notice that North Texas is southeast of the northernmost part of Texas and that West Texas is northeast of the westernmost part of Texas? If you really want to insult a Texan, tell him that he's from Baja Oklahoma.

I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey (the get out of debt guru) but then I paid off my last debt about the same time he went bankrupt (over twenty years ago). That is when he learned that debt doesn't work, something my parents taught me a long time earlier. I support his "baby steps" concept to a point, but think you should pay off the highest interest rate first and that every month ten percent of your "Baby Step Two extra money to pay off debt" should be added to the Baby Step One emergency fund.