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Monday, March 22, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 13-20 March 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was ok most of the week (cold mornings, mild afternoons), although it snowed on Friday night which made getting to the office Saturday sort of an adventure.

I spent more or less the entire week working on the Revision-1 version of the F&E 2010 rulebook, which was officially finished and unveiled on Friday, the 19th. I had an earache all week, which cost me some work, but eventually the pain went away, although I'm still deaf in my right ear. The doctor said that would clear up in a week as the medication killed the infection. I did reorganize the leftover Zocchi parts and create new Zocchi Parts Bags. I also got a haircut.

Steven Petrick spent the week working on CL#41, R12, and C3A. Leanna and Mike spent the week processing orders, which remain unusually strong. Joel got some web work done but mostly helped Mike.

The contractors remodeling our house moved all of the furniture (except for the bedroom and addition, which are completed) into the garage, covered everything with plastic, and got busy re-texturing the walls, which took all week, but really shouldn't have.