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Monday, March 08, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 28 February - 6 March 2010

Steve Cole reports:

I was sick and stayed home Sunday and Monday, and might as well have done so on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got some work done later in the week.

The weather was better, cool mornings and the afternoons in the 60s.

Strange Email events continued. Over Wednesday night and Thursday morning, my on-deck filters blocked 32,000 spams. I was getting several hundred more per hour, and found another 6,000-7,000 in my spam trap every morning.

As I said, I got some work done. I did a reserve blog for Jean, updated the PD FED page count, approved some FC rulings, did quality checks on 1200 map panels, sent some art to Jean for ADB's page on Facebook, worked up a list of Starline 2300 minis (thanks to Nick Samaras for the help!), tried to get GAMA to confirm the Origins events, resolved a problem between a store and a wholesaler, did all but one page of Communique #51, sent the Captain's Log #41 art to the cover artist and interior artist, and did a two-page thing for that issue.

I also went to my annual medical checkup, which said that my lab work was perfect but I needed to exercise and lose weight.

Steven Petrick was working all week on various parts of CL#41, including the battleforces and the Juggernaut stuff.

Leanna and Mike continued dealing with huge mail orders. Mike also did quality checks on hundreds of restock miniatures.

We hired Joel Shutts to replace Eric, and he spent Saturday doing a lot of website updates.

Jean made some progress on PD FEDS and reported that our page on Facebook was up to 209 fans.

The contractor working on our house moved on to Phase 2 (remodeling the master bedroom), getting the woodwork done and stained.