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Monday, March 01, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 21-27 February 2010

Steve Cole reports:

This report was written on Saturday the 27th but posted on Monday the 1st of March, so by the time you read this, next week will be this week.

It was cold and cloudy all week, and we had a little snow on Sunday night and Monday afternoon. Monday evening, Jean called the office and forced me to drive home before the snow got too bad, and followed me home on the traffic cams. Talk about Big Brother!

This was mostly a week of rest and recovery. The week of 14-20 February had a lot of very long days finishing F&E 2010, and that took a lot out of me; I apparently started coming down with the cold that Customer Service Director Mike Sparks has had. Even so, I got a lot done. I turned in the Origins events list, did the FLAP list, did the large print edition of F&E 2010, updated the Greater Games Catalog listing, took Ramses rabbit hunting for the first time since the blizzard, went and got the blood tests done for my annual physical next week (the 4th), called the last wholesalers to round up their orders, and got ADB, Inc. signed up for Free RPG Day. Saturday I was pretty sick and went home to rest and get over this cold.

Next week, I have to tackle Romulan Armada, review Battlestations Star Fleet, and push Jean to finish PD Federation.

Sometime Tuesday the 23rd, somebody somewhere invented a new kind of spam, which came through the filters like they weren't even there, dumping 2000 spams a day into my inbox. It took two days to get new filters installed to stop that.

As mentioned in last week's report (14-20 February), I finished the F&E 2010 rulebook on Sunday night (21 February) at 7pm and we started printing. I spent most of Monday (22nd) and Tuesday (23rd) working on the assembly line, helping get the very large wholesaler orders shipped.

Mike Sparks and Leanna spent the whole week getting F&E 2010 shipped. Steve Petrick helped some on that, and spent a bunch of time discussion the new stellar fortress on the BBS.

The addition to our house is finally finished, which pleases Leanna to no end. The contractor got the bricks finished (they had temporarily turned a window into a door so the construction people could come and go), and blew in the ceiling insulation, but some of the Ethernet wires were messed up and didn't get finished until Saturday the 27th. We began Phase Two on Thursday the 25th. This phase is the remodel of the old master bedroom, and so far all they have done is to remove the old carpet and plumbing and patch the drywall. That will take more than a week, then we move on to Phase Three, a less-elaborate makeover of the rest of the house.

Jean was busy with PD Federation but reported that Facebook has passed 200 fans.