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Friday, February 26, 2010


Steve Cole reports:

I watch this show with Leanna, despite having no eye for fashion. As a game designer, however, it intrigues me to think up ways to make each season of the show different, to add a twist to keep the players on their toes. Here are some ideas.

1. Reserve fabric: After picking five rolls of fabric in the park, let the contestants keep what they don't use "in reserve" and use it on future projects.

2. Change the current elimination system to one of "three strikes". Every round, the judges can award a "strike" to one, two, or three players. If you get three strikes, you're out. That way, nobody is out on the first two shows, and nobody loses the game because of one screwup. This would have to be re-thought in the final rounds when there are few players.

3. There are millions of fans of the show. During one (or two) rounds, each player gets a "fan" who lives in New York, and wants to be on TV. The "fan" can be sent on an "errand" (such as going to MOOD to get stuff for a surprise challenge).

4. Each player is given four "reserve hours" and can use one or two of them on any challenge. If you aren't getting done, use a reserve hour to work past midnight.

5. Give the second (and maybe third) place player a "silver star" and the winner a "gold star" each round. At the end of each round, show on the screen a tabulation of who has the most stars. Allow players to trade "gold stars" (or two or three silvers) to wipe out a strike. Decide the ones going to Bryant Park by how many stars they have (minus strikes).