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Monday, February 22, 2010

This week at ADB, Inc., 14-20 February 2010

Steve Cole reports:

This was the final week of doing the F&E 2010 rulebook project, and the final week of the construction of the new addition at our house. Both progressed smoothly, but neither got finished by Saturday. It was a week of long days. Steve Petrick and I worked past 10pm most days. Well, he did every day; I had to go home Wednesday night to rest after I did something stupid on Tuesday. Wanting to get a lot of work done, I ate a big breakfast and a late lunch, and did not eat again until I hit diabetic hypoglycemia at 11pm (low blood sugar). I got the shakes very bad, and should have stayed home Wednesday but compromised with Leanna who let me work until 6pm as long as I did not drive.

The weather was cold all week, usually below freezing in the morning are rarely touching 50F during the week. We had a little light rain for a few minutes, but no snow.

Steve Petrick spent the week helping me with F&E. Leanna and Mike got a lot of orders out, and everything ready for the big shipments on Monday. Leanna actually packed Booster #92, the first time she's done that job by herself.

It was Eric's last week, and he got a lot of stuff uploaded before leaving us. The search for his replacement goes on.

As noted, my (SVC's) week focused almost entirely on F&E. I did not read FYEO or do much of anything else. Monday, I did the prototype report files for the table of contents and chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4, and sent them all to the staff and blind readers. Tuesday, I did chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and sent them out. I also did the first pass on the SITs. Wednesday, recovering from the diabetic shakes, I redid the SITs and went through the hard copy that Petrick marked up so he could make the fixes after Leanna took me home. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were a blur of running down endless reports of glitches, fixes, and other issues, working until 11pm Thursday and Friday and midnight on Saturday. (We did finish the book on Sunday, two days later than scheduled.) Jean spent endless hours reporting typos, style sheet issues, and other things that made a better book. Petrick did most of the work here, listening to Jean on speakerphone as she directed fix after fix.

When we started the construction project at our house, the contractor promised he could easily finish by Valentine's Day. He didn't, due in part to the blizzard. So, it was supposed to be easy to wrap up the last two days of work this week, but that work stretched all the way through Friday as the tile setters, electrician, plumbers, and carpenters all did their final bits. By Friday night, all that was lacking was the cable television and internet stuff (which could not be done until next week), the bricks on the west wall (which could not be done due to the cold weather and I'm not sure they'll get next week either), and blowing in the insulation in the ceiling. At least, the big shower and big tub work, and we got to test drive them both Saturday night and Sunday morning (the 21st).