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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Greetings bloggers,
My name is Joel and I am the new webmaster and graphics director here at Star Fleet Games. For the past week I have been helping out here by updating the various sites, uploading images, and updating the Hailing Frequencies newsletter for the company.

I am having a lot of fun while I work here; I find the job to be entertaining and challenging, providing me with an opportunity to put my graphic design skills to good use.The people I work with now are fun, engaging, and I enjoy working with them so far. Even though I am the webmaster I do find it enjoyable to work in the warehouse section and package the differing products that go out to you, the consumer.

As I have said I find this job to be a challenging yet rewarding experience that will continue to provide me with graphic design experience and an enjoyable experience in the field of web and graphic design. Good luck during your day, enjoy life, and above all: stay cool:).

Over and out.