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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things to Make You Proud

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

By now you all probably know about the plane that went down in the Hudson, and have heard much about the flight crew, and, yes, if what we are being told by the Media is correct they all deserve every bit of the accolades they have received.

There are, however, others who deserve accolades, and they should not be overlooked.

The stories I have heard to date have painted a picture of the majority of the passengers stoically meeting the emergency. Of taking time to take care of others even though they were complete stranger, of not allowing panic to take hold in an unusual circumstance.

If the actions of the majority of the passengers are as described, we can be proud of them as well as of the flight and cabin crews, and of the Hudson rivermen who took their boats in to give succor immediately when for all they knew the plane might have exploded at any minute. (Just because it is in the water, it does not mean that flame won't touch off the fuel in a ball of fire.)

If the stories hold, we can be proud, and hope that when called upon we will rise to the occasion as well.