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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Saga Ends

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

Today we put an end to the idea of purchasing the Acton Building as a new home for Amarillo Design Bureau.

Had the water pipes not burst, we might have purchased the building, and then down the road been stuck with an asbestos removal problem. The mold inspectors said they would not remove the mold unless the asbestos was removed first. This added greatly to the cost of renovating the building, and the previous owner was not willing to come down on his price to compensate for that problem, apparently taking more of a "let the buyer beware" approach to the issue.

Worse, we discovered that even if you do remove the mold, the law in Texas (at least) provides that if you ever sell the building YOU are responsible for any future mold issues that the new owner would have. So if we bought the building, and we cleaned up the mold, we would be responsible for any mold problems in the building in perpetuity, but if the current owner could sell it to us and leave us to do the mold clean up, he would be free and clear of any such responsibility since he would then not have been responsible for the mold problem.

While it would have been nice to move into an "office and warehouse" building like the one we have now (albeit with more office space which we do need, and we do need more warehouse space frankly), the Acton building is not going to be the answer to our crowding problem.