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Monday, December 29, 2008

Keeping Busy at ADB, Inc.

Jean Sexton reports:

What an exciting first day!  I'd done some proofreading on Sunday night to get a head start on things and I was up bright and early on Monday morning. My body is still on North Carolina time, so at 5:00 am Texas time I was ready to proofread and edit.

After my check of the legacy BBS (everything was quiet), I started checking the Ship Cards for Federation Commander: Hydran Attack.  These were in black and white since SVC printed them off for me. I did go through them while they were on the screen to make sure no "pink boxes" had slipped in instead of the new green color scheme.  Now the Ship Cards are in black and white and purple ("my" color to use when I proofread and mark changes).

Leanna came to get me and we were off to the office.  Steven Petrick hooked up the line for my laptop and I was off and running. I did get to meet Eric Olivarez and Mike Sparks. They are the neat guys I thought they would be.

I got to participate in a group meeting about Tholians and their history.  I set up a spreadsheet to help me calculate the surface area of planets for Prime Directive's Federation sourcebook. I got to start proofreading and editing that. John Sickels is a joy to work with as I can concentrate on things such as is "amongst" or "among" the better word choice.

The company Christmas party was fun with lots of laughter, lots of funny stories told, and plenty of good will.

Now I am back at the office, courtesy of Steven, so I can post about "Jean's Day" for all of you.

I'll tell you all on Wednesday about how the week is going.