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Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Busy Day in Amarillo

Jean Sexton reports:

After SVC, SPP, and I lost two days to food poisoning, we've been playing catch-up ever since (in fact, Petrick left early today as well). We're looking at contracts for the Prime Directive authors and looking over their project memos. I've also been proofreading John Sickels's work for the Federation sourcebook and it is a pleasure to read--in fact it is very hard to not get too interested in what he has written!

In the middle of all this we negotiated a deal with John Berg to make his Galactic Conquest campaign rulebook available in stores.

One of the interesting things about being here in the office is that I get too hear how the real business operates. Today we solved how to cover up the d20 logos to make our books compliant with the new regulations.

SVC and I ate a quick dinner and are now back at work doing all the legal stuff to make our Prime Directive books happen. It promises to be a very late night as we have much to do.