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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

24 Dec 2008

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

With the close of the day, there is barely a week remaining in 2008. The year has gone by very fast, surprisingly so.

Usually I try to get a flu shot, but this year the flu seems to have caught me before I could get the shot (and it was a miserable few days as was noted).

I will probably be in the office on Christmas Day [if you all have not noticed, I do not have any real outside distractions, and have not won the lottery so I do not have the time or money to develop any (GRIN)]. Even if I won the Lottery, I would try to keep Star Fleet Battles going as long as I could. Much would depend on how much was won, but of course this is not something anyone need be concerned about.

As I have told SVC, if I have not already won the lottery, then obviously I never will (he says he does not understand that concept, to me it makes perfect sense).

Ah well.

Week took some time to try to figure out how we will set up in the new building if things in fact go forward. The building inspector has agreed to do his thing on the 29th, and if he finds no problems we hope to start moving in next Month and be all settled by the end of January 2009, and thereby starting the fourth decade as an entity.