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Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is Steven Petrick posting.

One of the shows I enjoy watching and try not to miss is NCIS. Yet, there are episodes that I have never seen all the way through.

Take the episode where Tony DiNozo is hit with Anthrax. I have never seen the opening scene where this happens. There was a momentary blackout when it aired locally, and I was out of town when it was rebroadcast. Just recently USA announced an NCIS marathon and mentioned the specific hour they would run that episode, but somewhere along the way they changed their collective programming minds and ran the Brendan Fraser movie "The Mummy Returns" instead.

Just this past week the episode of NCIS started on time, but somehow my elderly brain had programmed the VCR with the right time and date, except that I had also entered the date as the channel, so I did not get the episode on tape (I arrived home after it started and discovered the error. So I asked Leanna if I could borrow their tape. But the tape she lent me was an hour of "Survivor Gabon" (I generally despise most "reality tv" shows, and "survivor" is high on the list of those I will not watch).

It would seem I am cursed to never see some thing. (I missed, for example, the first half hour of the third season of "Lost", and while they are running it on Sci Fi, I just cannot work up enough interest to catch the episode I missed after all this time).

Ah well . . . life will go on.