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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's On TV?

This is Steven Petrick posting.

It seems most of us are not pleased with what comes out of hollywood. But Hollywood has no real reason to care since, as long as they all spew more or less the same drek, what are we going to do? Read a book? Don't make them laugh.

The upshot is that most of what we get, and will continue to get, is reflections on the thoughts of Hollywood.

I gave "Knight Rider" a chance (I watched the made for TV movie and the first episode), and to be fair I never watched the original although I did watch some of the copycats that usually dispensed with the car talking and being artificially intelligent. But this has already passed my tolerance for inane background plots. I probably will not watch it any further.

I have watched "Fringe", but frankly I do not find any of the characters likable and the creepy doctor is just a hair too creepy for my tastes. Plus I dislike the constant championing of addictive drugs. I am seriously considering dropping it.

I watched "The Mentalist", and while I frequently find "Psyche" annoying when the main character goes into his Schtick, I really, really, REALLY dislike the arrogance of the main character in "The Mentalist". And, frankly, I get enough of the Hollywood desire for God to go away because he interferes with their fun in too many other shows. At least in "Bones" there is a balance between Brennan who does not believe, and Booth who does, but in the Mentalist the counter point to his flat denial is . . . such a light weight as to not be taken seriously (and clearly this was intended).

Even in "Bones" I am a little put off by everyone's still being supportive of the kid, by the way, although on the whole I have always enjoyed the ensemble cast on that show.

I am glad to see new episodes of NCIS, and it continues to hold up, although the idea of sticking Gibbs with three people as his new crew, at least one of whom might be a spy, and expecting him to figure it out by not telling him was more than a little much. I am sorry that the DiNozo replacement was "killed", I like the actor generally (I remember when he had the starring role in "Seven Days") and would have liked to have had him added to team.

"The Shield" is winding down to its end, and SVC and I wonder if, after the final episode, there is enough there to continue the series. Detective Wagenbach and Billings, and Claudette and some of the other secondary characters seem worth continuing no matter what happens to "The Strike Team". SVC and I also tend to think it would be a neat idea if one or more of the survivors of the Strike Team (at the end) turned up on "In Plain Sight" for an episode . . . as "clients".

Probably that will not happen.