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Friday, January 04, 2008


Steve Cole reports: I see these articles in TV guide every week, asking some celebrity what he watches on TV, so I guess you are all seriously fascinated by what I watch on TV. Here goes, in alphabetical order:

BIG SHOTS: Want to love the show but I'm on episode 3 with the rest on Tivo reserve for the writer's strike.

BIONIC WOMAN: Love the new take on Jamie Summers.

BONES: A major favorite. Love the woman, and of course the vampire guy.

BOSTON LEGAL: Watching Shatner clown around is too good to miss. Denny Crane! Never lost a case! Used to command my own starship!

CAVEMEN: Seriously clever comedy.

CHUCK: We tivoed this but didn't watch it until the writer's strike, then watched all the episodes to date in a marathon and grew to love it. Chuck himself is just background; the real story is the two spies.

CSI MIAMI: I will watch Emily Proctor and Caine play chess any time.

CSI NEW YORK: Love Gary and Montana, but the rest of this bunch could be the next victims for all I care about them.

CSI VEGAS: Always the best of the CSI bunch. We miss Jorja.

DIRTY SEXY MONEY: Love watching people who handle money by the pallet.
EUREKA: I wish it was on more often.

FLASH GORDON: Yet another remake of scooby do. We need to see that cop fellow join the team for some muscle not to mention some brains. We had this on Tivo reserve and marathoned it after we finished Chuck. Not sure which of the Tivo reserve shows will fill our empty evenings next.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Our favorite show. We watched the first three seasons on disk over a month, then the first half of season four on TIvo and then... nothing. I need my Grey back! Can you just mail me the DVD for season four? Now?

HEROES: I don't need to explain this one, right?

HOTEL BABYLON: A fun British import, but I mostly watched it for Tamzin. Now that she's leaving I'm not sure I will check in next year.

JOURNEYMAN: We tivoed this for reserve during the writer's strike but found it unwatchable and deleted all the episodes without watching them (other than half of the first episode).

KID NATION: I want to hire Sophia to work for ADB. She's the most grown-up kid I have ever seen.

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: People tell me I'm just like Gordon Ramsay. I don't see it, but I love the show anyway.

LAS VEGAS: Filler.

MOONLIGHT: A seriously unique take on vampires and a beautiful love story.

NCIS: We named two of our printers KATE and PAULA for women on this show, and "gibbs" is now a verb Leanna applies to my head all the time.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Wanted seriously to love the show, turned it off after 15 minutes of drek.

REAPER: Waiting unwatched in Tivo. If the writer's strike ends, I might never watch it.

SAMANTHA WHO: A seriously clever bit of comedy, with a unique premise.

SHARK: I like James woods and I would watch 7 of 9 read a phone book. Okay TV.

SMALLVILLE: Leanna's favorite show. I have to be dragged to watch it but always enjoy it.

STARGATE ATLANTIS: I don't care much for it but keep watching. Been on too long.

SURVIVOR: This thing has been on too long but I cannot stop watching.

THE HILLS: Just how screwed up can the lives of young people get?

THE SHIELD: You mean we only get a few episodes to "wind up" the story? I want three more years of this.

TORCHWOOD: I want to love it, but the ten episodes on Tivo are reserve for the writer's strike.

ULTIMATE FORCE: A British import as good as the SHIELD.

WITHOUT A TRACE: Love the people, the show is less than interesting.

WOMENS' MURDER CLUB: Definitely in the top five.