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Friday, December 28, 2007


Steve Cole reports (sixth of a series covering each product line): Captain's Log remains our best seller, since players of all our games use it as a source for new play-value material (ships, scenarios, rules, answers to questions, tactics, updates on new projects, and so forth). We do two of these per year, one in May and one in November. (The November 2007 issue was delayed by the death of my mother to January 2008.) This has a set formula but flexible format, and is pretty much a fill-in-the-blank puzzle. We are supposed to do so many pages per week so we don't have to do 80% of it in the last three weeks (like we're going to have to with this issue) but that sensible plan got destroyed by the month I spent too numb from grief to actually do any work. Usually, find a good fiction story causes the most problems, but we have a great one this time (Tholians vs. Seltorians by Randy Green).