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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Steve Cole Reports: Sometime during the third season of this show (which we had never watched), Tivo accidentally recorded an episode, and Leanna and I watched it and fell in love with the characters and the writing. So, last summer, we rented the disks for seasons one and two. When season four started, we banked those on Tivo and waited for the Season 3 disks, which came out earlier this month. When the writer's strike slowed up the flow of new shows, we rented Season 3. Last night we watched episodes 13-20, and tonight we will watch the last of season 3 and start on the banked season 4. If you aren't watching this show, go rent the Season 1 disks and you'll fall in love with it, too. It is typical television, about relationships between people who don't know how to handle relationships. Couples who break up over stupid fights, get drunk and sleep with other people, then try to put their relationship back together. Couples including somebody who is already married (but unofficially separated). Couples who rat each other out on professional ethics. Couples who get married but cannot decide if they are really in love. Couples including a guy who cannot keep his pants zipped up. Leanna and I love the show, but are SO very glad that our relationship is not screwed up like these people. We met, got engaged, got married, moved in together after we got married, and stayed faithful to this day (just over 30 years). Neither of us have been drunk since we got married. No fight has lasted more than a few hours. As I said, SO very happy we're not screwed up like the lovely, interesting, endearing people on Grey's Anatomy.