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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Captain's Log #36 Progress Report

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

We worked until almost 2300 hours last night, and this morning have still more reports on it to try to eliminate errors.

The biggest problem right now is the covers. We sent them to press last night (a bundle of four different covers as it is not economical to do only one cover in a print run), and what the printing company got (we have to do the color covers off-site) was unusable. Naturally this was found AFTER the people (Matt Cooper and Leanna) who could fix the problem had left for the day. Eventually we had to have both of them come back to the office before we could resend the files. The files were sent, but when SVC and I left last night neither of us checked to see if they had transmitted properly, and this morning we found one of the covers was "hanging fire". It has now been sent, but we do not right now know if they all got there in enough time for the Printing company to assemble the job, run it, and get the finished product back to us in time for us to get Captain's Log out on schedule.

That does not mean that we are not going to push any less hard to finish it on time, but the cover situation has the real potential, right now, to impose a shipping delay.