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Friday, June 08, 2007

Moving Ahead

STEVE COLE REPORTS: The die cut counters (Battleships Attack, Module R11 Support Ships, Omega Five, and some reprints) have gone to the printer; we're waiting for proof copies now. I just now talked to the printer, who just talked to the die cutter, and we're on track to have those on time.

Matt did the covers for R11 and Battleships Attack yesterday, and they'll go to press Monday (two weeks early).

The ship cards for Battleships Attack are finished and should go to press Monday, a week early.

The rulebook for Battleships Attack is 16 pages, and I have finished the first seven and sent them to proofreading. I have the scenarios from the testers and just need to format them. I might need another scenario or two to fill in the last two pages. Petrick is working on the rulebook for R11, and gave the the Romulans (chapter 4) last night. I have already proofread the general units, Federation, and Klingons and give them back to him.