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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Make someone smile

If every one of us, every day, made somebody else smile, made them a little happier for a moment in some way, the world would be a better place. It's one of the reasons that I "waste time" every day doing some "customer request" to create something (or just find something in the file and send it to him).

On the way in to work today, I stopped at the quickie mart where I always stop. A young lady, maybe 22 years old, was in line ahead of me at checkout. Since my wife started making me watch PROJECT RUNWAY I have paid more attention to women around me, and have had a deeper understanding of how much effort it takes women to look good. Leanna and I have discussed the details of this, as the subject mystifies men. (We don't even try, we just put out stuff in our pockets and go out into the world.) This young lady was not dressed in any spectacular way (jeans and a t-shirt, typical of a Sunday afternoon in America). She was on her way from somewhere to somewhere else, perhaps to visit friends, and stopped for a soft drink. What I noticed was her hair. It was not "done" just "wash, dry, and go" but it was obviously very well cared for. Having gotten comfortable with approaching and complimenting women not known to me, I simply said "Miss, I'm not hitting on you, but somebody has to tell you that your hair is really great." She burst into a smile, giggled, looked embarrassed, and did everything that young women do instinctively to be cute, charming, and real. She thanked me for the compliment, and said that she really appreciated my taking a moment to let her know that somebody liked the way she looked. (Who knows, maybe her boyfriend doesn't spend enough time adoring her?) She laughed and went on her way, apparently a little happier than when she walked in, not that she looked unhappy.

I must also mention that, earlier this morning via TIVO, I had watched the season finale of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and as those of you who watch the show know, Eva Langoria got married. I was annoyed that she had piled her glorious hair on top of her head, and had to stop the disc and ask Leanna "What moron convinced you women that putting your hair up like that is glamorous? It's ugly and stupid. You women take as much time and trouble on your hair as we guys do on our cars. Show it off!"

Leanna said I just didn't understand.