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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Treating Leanna as the Special Woman She Is

STEVE COLE SAYS: I have spent 29 years married to Leanna, and in love with her every day of that (and the very few months we knew each other before that). Some years I have barely noticed her birthday, some years she barely noticed it, and some years I actually tried hard to make the day special. This is one of those years and those of you who are lucky enough to be in love need to pay attention to how to treat your spouse. (This stuff is more important for guys who love girls but I guess some of it works in reverse.)

I stated by preparing her breakfast in bed, although she insisted on actually moving to a chair to eat. While she got ready to go to the office (too much work to take the day off) I cleaned the kitchen. We drove to work, and I dropped her at the door and said "I'm going to park the car over there" and took off to the store a couple of blocks away where I could buy her some flowers (appropriate vase was smuggled into the car earlier that morning) and one perfect apple. (Note the flowers. Women like having flowers on their desk, partly because they just like them,and partly because they get to silently tell all of the other women in the office "I have a man who brings me flowers. Pity about you." She scores points, I score points. Get it?

Lunch at her favorite place, and a nice sapphire/diamond necklace pre-ordered and waiting at the jewelry store a few doors down the mall. Again, she gets to silently say "See what my guy bought me? Pity about you." She scores points, I score points. Get it?

Plans for the evening include a nice dinner and relaxing evening. Leanna is worth it.She's not just a best friend, great woman, and incredible wife, she's also a great business manager. I couldn't have made ADB Inc. a success without her, and not just because she wouldn't have let me start the company in the first place.