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Monday, September 11, 2017

This Week at ADB, Inc., 3-9 September 2017

Steve Cole reports:

This was a week of steady work on current projects. We released Hailing Frequencies and Communique #141 on Saturday the 9th. Because the new ship in Communique was Lyran, we also included the LDR version.

New on Warehouse 23, DriveThru RPG, and Wargame Vault this week were the revised Star Fleet Battles Module R3 Rulebook, the new Federation Commander Scenario Log #2, and the Romulan Armada Unity rulebook.



The Starlist Update Project moved forward with six new entries.

Steve Cole worked on Shapeways production management, Communique, Hailing Frequencies, blogs, and other projects. He sent the reprint countersheets to press for Star Fleet Battles Basic Set, Federation Commander Klingon Border, Federation & Empire Planetary Operations, and the TU sheet from F&E Fighter Operations.

Steve Petrick worked on the Star Fleet Battles Module R3 update, quality control assembly and shipping, and the Kzinti and Gorn Master Starship Books.

Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.

Mike kept orders going out and rebuilt the inventory.

Simone did website updates and covers for the new PDF products posted above.

Wolf guarded the office, chasing away two serial killers who were pretending to fix their truck on the parking lot next door.

Jean worked on Hailing Frequencies, managed our page on Facebook (which is up to 3,893 friends), managed our Twitter feed (236 followers), commanded the Rangers, dealt with the continuing spam assault on the BBS and the website itself, managed the blog feed, proofread Communique #141, took care of customers, uploaded PDFs, and did some marketing.