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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Fourth Wave of Ships Released!

On September 1, 2017, Amarillo Design Bureau released its fourth wave of ships (56 in all, for over 150 available ships) in its store on Shapeways.

The Federation gets the galactic survey cruiser which in peacetime cruises through areas not yet explored, searching for new civilizations and for planets suitable for colonization but not inhabited by sapient species. In wartime they become powerful fleet scouts that can carry six fighters.

The Klingons get the largest ship ever to fly, the B10B battleship. While this ship is one piece, the B10B boom was originally designed to detach and so the B10B boom is also available. The B10K battleship with more aztecking is also available.

The Romulans get a flotilla of Centurion gunboats. They also get the powerful Falcon mauler.

The Tholians get even more carriers: the destroyer carrier, the heavy carrier, the police carrier, and the war cruiser carrier. These one-piece ships have the fighters they carry molded into the mini.

The Hydrans add to their fleet with the Crusader frigate leader, Cuirassier frigate, and the Paladin dreadnought. They also get a flotilla of Harrier gunboats.

The Lyrans and their wayward county of the Lyran Democratic Republic get their dreadnought. They also get their Bobcat gunboat flotilla.

3125 Scale Lyran Lion Dreadnought

The WYN Star Cluster has a ragtag fleet that can only win because every ship that comes through the radiation barrier is badly degraded. Their auxiliary dreadnought is known as the "Nancy." They also get their Freedom Fighter gunboat flotilla.

The Seltorians add a new heavy cruiser (NCA).

The Frax get a war cruiser scout to use its powerful special sensors to locate enemy targets and threats.

The Maesron add a light cruiser to their fleet. They all are also now available in the larger 3125 Scale.

The Trobrins add the Patroller to their fleet.

The Koligahr are part of the Omega Octant and the spherical hull sections of their ships are built underwater, and then launched into space to be assembled in orbit. Check out their patrol boat!

Two new tugs show up without any pods: the Harbor and Salvage tugs.

And we introduce some new empires, too!

Probr ships are built from a combination of one of more of the "basic hulls" and various wings are added on. Their Steel Heavy Cruiser is an example of this building technique.

The Orion Pirates are, well, pirates. They get their Buccaneer gunboat flotilla.

Have we got a monster for you! The space manta wasn't found until fairly late in recorded history because it destroyed every ship it found. Can you be the first to defeat it? The space manta comes in three different sizes.

Because you asked for them, we have added stands (both a single one and a dozen in a sprue) and stand toppers that will hold three, four, or six fighters or gunboats. We hope you like them.