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Friday, February 17, 2017


That Jean Sexton could be doing if she were not working at ADB.

10. Teaching a course in creative writing a the local prison entitled "Prose & Cons."

9. NASA's new director of orbital food preparation.

8. Producer of a new TV show called "Menu Makeover" where she shows failing restaurants that customers don¹t' care about dining room décor but about interesting food that is prepared well.

7. Chief proofreader for Facebook.

6. Running a gourmet restaurant called "The Peppered Onion" which the Steves never visit.

5. Managing a dog daycare service complete with gourmet dog meals and adventure trail walks with two guys named Steve and the official Lead Dog Wolf.

4. Professional book review writer, including a list of the typos and other errors in each book.

3. Training marketing directors in how to "manage the narrative by managing your boss's access to the Internet."

2. Running a tavern called "The Oxford Comma."

1. Twitter editor for Donald Trump, in control of the "send" button.