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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Situation Normal At ADB

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work is proceeding apace on Captain's Log #52. Various articles are coming together, and various plans and operations are proceeding as intended. The various tactics topics have been reviewed and the tactics sent out for grading.

Reports have been coming in on the Lyran Master Starship Book, and a head start has been made on the Kzinti Master Starship Book. The Lyran Democratic Republic Master Starship Book is waiting in the wings to swoop down and seize a position for publication. So far only one checker has looked at it, however, and he was a special case. I do not want to flood the checkers with another book until they have finished the Lyran Master Starship Book. I do not know which book will be next after the preceding.

We have an operational plan in the works for Thanksgiving. We will see how that works out, but we all know that Mrs. Murphy's darling little boy is just waiting to throw a spanner into the works. Mrs. Murphy's darling little boy is always waiting to toss spanners into the works (sigh).

We do, however, continue to make progress.