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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Computer Wars Continue (and I am losing)

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Having an interesting time with computers of late.

Computer "A" will not work with Pagemaker at all, but I have a page maker file that must be operated on.

Computer "B" says "Pagemaker . . .? No problem . . . but you cannot PDF Pagemaker files on me."

But computer A will not do anything with Pagemaker

Computer B: "Not my problem, you made all of your edits, work it out, I am done."


I finally had no choice but to convert the Pagemaker document on Computer B to a "Word" document.

So that ends the problem, right?


Computer "B" now says "Oh, you want to PDF that Word file? I do not do that anymore either."

Fortunately I can take a Word file from computer "B" to computer "A" and computer "A," which says there is no such thing as "Pagemaker" is perfectly happy to PDF any Word files I give it.

At least I will not have future problems with the Pagemaker file, since I have converted it to Word, but it is just one more of those things that prove to me that computers do not like me, and they are all out to get me, or at least drive me out of what is left of my mind.