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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Romulan Master Starship Book Nears Release

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The Romulan Master Starship Book is going through its final checks. Basically Jean, Leanna, and SVC are turning the pages to see if anything hits them as not right. This is not changes in text, but formatting issues.

I spent last night, before I went home, tracking down "jumps." This is something where the page layout keeps changing (it looks like it fits the page, then suddenly it does not). The only way this can be beaten is to do a PDF, go through the PDF looking for these problems, then go back to the word document and insert a blank line where the problem occurred. Sometimes it is more complex requiring paragraphs to be moved around (because suddenly the graphic does not fit at the bottom of a column but is jumping to the top of the next column, or next page, so you have to move text from below the graphic to above the graphic to fill in the white space).

So there is a complete book with all known corrections made. Now we just have to get everyone to sign off on it.