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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Master Starship Books Continue to Advance

This is Steven Petrick posting.

While waiting on the Romulan Master Starship Book to finish (I am having regrets about a marketing decision that I championed to include four new ships in the book, and their SSDs in Captain's Log #52 which has suddenly exploded into a major headache), I have run ahead and worked on the Lyran Master Starship Book, and it is currently out for review. Even so, I may need to send new copies of it out to the reviewers as items have turned up that I missed going through the first time that the reviewers have not caught as of yet (according to my reports file).

Building up to the Lyran Master Starship Book was the question of whether or not the Lyran Democratic Republic would be included as part of that book. This would have had problems to be resolved as the Lyran Democratic Republic has both a shorter history, fewer over all ships, and not only makes a (comparatively) larger use of General Units, but has specific variances involving them. The upshot was that while the material was gathered at the same time as the Lyrans, a decision was finally taken to do them as a separate book, which made doing their General Units much simpler. So not only is the Lyran Master Starship Book largely done but for reports and graphics, the Lyran Democratic Republic Master Starship Book is largely in the same shape.

With the above three books in their condition, I have assembled the pieces and parts for the Kzinti Master Starship Book. I am currently missing pretty much all of the graphics (I do not even have placeholder graphics to get a feel of page count) and a piece of "people art" for the Kzintis. And of course there are other things that need to be found and done for the book.