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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Products Moving Forward and AMACON Prep

This is Steven Petrick posting.

As graphics appear they are being integrated into the various projects I am working on. In time, these projects will become products to offer on our shopping cart and to the distributors.

We have begun our preparations to attend AMACON here in Amarillo. Duty assignments have been handed out, and Marketing is marshaling the company for a full court press during the event. Even Mrs. Dale has been handed a duty (demonstrating Star Fleet Battle Force). Set up will be the done on 22 July, and take down must be completed by 2000 hrs on 24 July. In the interim, not only will we need to maintain a presence most of Saturday and Sunday, but somehow have to take care of the dog (who for reasons we cannot comprehend is not allowed to attend).

In the interim, I will need to review how to play "basic" Federation Commander (so as not to confuse myself by trying to go to rules that are not in the Klingon Border rule book), and re-familiarize myself on Star Fleet Battle Force. SVC is preparing to speak with people about how to go about getting into the gaming industry, and Leanna and Jean are preparing lists of booth materials and Mike is gathering these and pre-packing them.

We are doing this early so that we do not find ourselves in a last minute rush. But we are also reminding ourselves that as this is local, we can go back to the office to pick up anything else we need in a half hour or so.